Terms and Conditions

  1. In these conditions all references to Urgent Delivery Couriers, The Urgent Delivery Company, London Taxis & private Hire, Premier Business Services & Resource Managements, shall mean and include Urgent Delivery Couriers Limited under company registration number 408 9139 trading as and hereafter referred to in these terms as “UDC” and (where the context admits) any servant, agent, self-employed courier and sub-contractor engaged by it, UDC shall be entitled to engage self-employed couriers and/or sub-contractors to carry out work undertaken by Urgent Delivery and on such terms and conditions as such self-employed couriers and sub-contractors may stipulate.
  2. No variation of these conditions shall be effective unless agreed in writing under the hand of a duly authorised person of UDC and unless otherwise so agreed these are the only conditions applicable to any business undertaken by UDC for its customers. Subject as aforesaid UDC will, however, be pleased to consider quoting special terms on request for the carriage of any chattels or documents in respect whereof UDC liability would otherwise be limited under these standard trading conditions.
  3. UDC is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to undertake any services requested of it at its absolute discretion and without giving any reason for such refusal.
  4. UDC shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to chattels or documents entrusted to it nor for the non-delivery, delay in delivery or miss-delivery thereof unless it shall be proved that the same was due to the negligence or default of UDC whilst such goods or documents were in the custody of UDC. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing UDC shall not be liable for any loss, damage, miss-delivery or delay caused by Act of God, war, hostilities, riot, rebellion or civil commotion, orders of a government, public or local authority, strikes, lock-outs or total or partial withdrawals of labour, latent defect or inherent defect or natural deterioration in the chattels carried, delay or seizure under legal process, mechanical failure, insufficient or improper packing, labelling or addressing, non-acceptance by the consignee or any act or omission of the customer or the customer’s servants or agents.
  5. The following items are excluded from UDC insurance cover in respect of chattels or documents carried by it and accordingly the liability of UDC for any loss, damage, miss-delivery or delay in respect thereof shall be limited to a sum which is equivalent to the amount of UDC fee for the carriage of the particular consignment concerned namely bullion, cash, bank notes, bonds, securities, deeds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, stamps, documents of title to property, gold, silver, or platinum metals, articles of jewellery, fragile or brittle objects, perfumes, razor blades, tobacco, antiques, works of art, precious stones, watches, furs, explosives, livestock and cash, none of which shall be deemed to be willingly transported by UDC without prior disclosure as to the nature thereof being made by the customer.
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