Special Delivery

Special projects team for bespoke corporate services.

Deliver 400 legal notices within a 400-mile radius of London, and within a 4-hour window, whilst making sure each and every item conformed to strict delivery conditions. This was a pre-booked planned service.

Deliver 3000 budget reports by hand throughout Central London and M25 within a 5-hour window starting at 4am. Pre-booked planned service.

Deliver 300 legal document across the UK within 10 hours. This was not planned and was called it at 01:00 on a Sunday night.

Manage the keys to over 1000 properties and to schedule the opening and closing of the same in a particular order, for a specific time. Check the property is secure and report on utilities.

Deliver 500 emergency patient letters across a large area of East London. This was called in at 18:00 on a Monday night and all had to be delivered by 08:00.

Provide 5 vans on contract for inter office round robin duties for 2 years.

Manage and Marshall the transportation of 200 passengers to and from Royal Ascot by Car, Taxi Coach and Minibus. Collect international travelers from various airports and book hotels and transport for the duration of their stay.

We took a call at 01:00 one Monday morning to deliver 9 boxes of printed matter to a conference in Berlin by 11:00.

Deliver and collect small documents and contracts to and from the Highlands and Islands around the UK.

Deliver by road, corporate construction models for major developments in Ireland and across Europe. These items require special packaging and special suspension in transit.

Deliver 160 boxes of legal document to a high court in the south of France by a particular delivery deadline.

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